About HfL

What is Homes for London?

Homes for London is a campaign brought to you by Shelter. We know how concerned Londoners are about finding and keeping a home. We want to make sure the Mayor knows this too and that he takes action to fix London’s housing crisis.

At the end of 2012, Boris Johnson launched a consultation outlining how he would improve conditions for the millions of people who rent in the capital. We campaigned to make sure it would genuinely help Londoners.

More than 5,000 people took part in the consultation and there was a clear demand for renting to drastically change:

  • 80% wanted letting agents to be more transparent about what they’ll charge.
  • Two thirds called for landlords to offer long-term tenancies.
  • Three quarters demanded a bigger voice in the future of London’s private renting.

We’ll be working now to make sure Boris listens to your views.

If you’d like to carry on the debate about how renting could be better, visit the Talk London site today and share your thoughts:

What else should the Mayor be doing?

Homes that Londoners can afford – to rent and to buy

Homes for London should negotiate tirelessly with Government and investors to find the funding needed to deliver a minimum of 33,400 new homes in London each year.

HfL should deliver new homes that are affordable for Londoners - for sale, to rent or through shared ownership - and improve existing homes.

Stable rental contracts

Families who rent deserve the stability and security in their homes that homeowners take for granted. And good landlords want reliable tenants to rent their properties for longer than a year or two.

Homes for London should broker a new deal between landlords and tenants who want to rent their homes for longer than a year, meaning families who rent in London can get the stability and security they need.

Action to crack down on rogue landlords

Homes for London should have a dedicated rogue landlord prosecution team to identify and punish rogue landlords.

Working with the Metropolitan Police and London’s boroughs, Homes for London should lead the drive to improve conditions across London’s private rented sector. HfL should push for prosecutions and stiff sentences to ensure the minority of rogue landlords who make tenants’ lives a misery are subject to the full force of the law. And HfL should also protect tenants against landlord scams.

The HfL team should hunt out, name and shame rogue landlords across the capital to send a very clear message: there is no place in our city for landlords who abuse or endanger tenants.

If you want more detailed policy information you can visit the Shelter policy library.